The Arising


Ever upwards, within the vastness of the skies a majestic concert erupts.

Silver gelatin photograph from the series 'Great Ocean'. 

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Inspired by the power, wonder and beauty of coastline unmarred and untamed by human intervention - a place to meet the wild and free spirit within self, where it is sometimes still possible to find solitude, oneness and stand in awe of the ever-changing intersection of ocean, sky and land.

Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia.

Process:  Original digitised image -> Paper negative -> darkroom --> Silver gelatin photograph.

Presented window-mounted with 8cm museum quality warm white mat border, framed with charcoal timber frame and TruVue Museum Glass for optimal clarity and UV protection. Framed size 42x36cm

Currently available via Lumen Naturae studio & website:
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Each photograph listing shows Edition details, including sizes available and numbers that will be made in each edition.

Edition SIZES listed refer to the size of the paper on which the photograph was made, not the final presented size of the artwork. So for example a 16x20" Edition of 10 means that the photograph has a limited edition of 10 photographs in the size 16x20" (where the photograph was made on 16x20" paper - the actual image size will be smaller as it will have been printed with a border etc).
Please note the presented size of the artwork when considering the artwork for purchase.

- there is a limit to the number that will be printed in that size &/or in total from that negative.
- once the editions are sold, that's it, no more will be printed.
- note not all prints in an edition are necessarily made at once
- note there may be slight variations between individual prints - these are effectively original artworks and nuances between individual prints is part of the nature (and charm) of analog photography.
- there may be an Artist Proof which will be specified in the listing and signed as such. Usually Artist Proofs are kept by the artist but they can be sold later.

- there is no limit (theoretically) to the number of photographs that may be made in this size.

Shipping of photographic artworks is free within Australia. Shipping overseas is at cost to the buyer.

For info details and guidelines about Shipping and Returns please review HERE before your purchase.

Your photograph will arrive presented in an archival cotton rag mat ready for framing (unless otherwise specified in the artwork description or by individual agreement). My personal preference is usually a simple black frame but by presenting the artwork this way the final choice is yours!

Silver gelatin photographs made with archival processes and quality materials can last a lifetime. As such, in the making I have taken the greatest care at every step of the way to use the highest quality materials and archival processes. Your part of the equation is to help ensure your artwork is shown/stored in an environment that supports this longevity. This means please hang your photograph out of the path of direct sunlight as the UV rays may affect the photograph. Ideally, ask your framer to use UV Conservation Clear Glass/Acrylic - this will not only protect your artwork from harmful UV light but also ensure optimum clarity - it is worth the extra $ in framing, you will really notice the difference. Make sure you avoid hanging your artwork in a humid environment wherever you can avoid it - excessive moisture can buckle the paper or attract mould. Finally when you want to clean your glass/acrylic, it’s best to do this with a soft dampened microfibre cloth. (if your framer uses acrylic this is especially important as acrylic can scratch if you use a paper towel).

Your artwork is worth looking after - I wish you many years of joy and an artefact that lasts your lifetime and beyond.

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