Dignity Indigo's Journal Man in his Universe I (white), II (blue), III (red) Natasha Raphaela en flore



To me, portraiture is way of seeking the essence of a person, that which is particular to this individual human in front of me and yet also reveals something we understand in either ourselves or others.

A portrait might reveal 'aspects of self' – how you want to be perceived, how you perceive yourself to be, and yes, also who you really are... 

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    About this collection:

    Over the years I have made individual portraits of people I find interesting and I've also made series of portraits for particular projects (eg the 'Oasis', 'Boy to Man' and 'Other World of Children' series). My favourite way to make a portrait is with my 1960s Linhof 4x5" large format view camera. This camera by its very nature requires thoughtfulness and a slower more meditative approach. I find this helps in two ways - I feel very centred and calm and somehow the ceremony with this very beautiful old camera brings calm and an openness of trust and reciprocity into the space.