The Way Out (at JB Photokunst gallery, Berlin) Fogland (at JB Photokunst gallery, Berlin) City (at JB Photokunst gallery, Berlin) Winter Hydrangea Kaleidoscope



Windows, Gates, Pathways, Tunnels, Stairways – these borderlands between here and there, our inner and outer worlds, our conscious and unconscious – these spatial devices are a metaphor for that which might influence our perspective, that which might guide, hinder or support us. p>

This is a long term project and exploration. I imagine it will grow and evolve over time.

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    About this collection:

    What is a window, anyway?
    Does it let me see out or hone my vision within? Does it encourage me to see my world more clearly or does it keep my vision limited?

    Sometimes a window can help you feel more ‘inside’ than you would were there no windows at all. Sometimes it can draw you out more fully than if you were standing in the open air.

    What are gates?  Are they devices to keep you out or herald an entrance?

    Tunnels - like a journey into the underworld, what is their message?

    All these devices, these Borderlands, frame our awareness...this is an exploration.