Kate Baker is an Australian fine art photographer. She studied at the Australian Centre of Photography, with further studies under master printers Gordon Undy, Michael A Smith & Paula Chamlee. Since 2005 Kate has exhibited in galleries in Australia and Europe. Her work is held in collections in Australia, the US and Europe. Kate has gallery representation in Berlin.

Embracing monochrome expression within her art, Kate’s handcrafted gelatin silver prints are made by the artist in her darkroom in Warburton.

My Inspiration

The Why

For me, photography is an alchemical journey of connection. When I feel connected, there is a sense of timelessness, of sense of being both anonymous and a part of everything at the same time. Exploring the challenges of disconnection within today's society, this is a way of connecting into that which is within us and that which is far greater than us. I seek resonance with the essence of things.

in the words of others...


Kate's gelatin silver photographs are kind of quiet and otherworldly,
I love them 🤍 🩶 🖤

Sarah S



Still profound soft moments of connection in each pool of art - such generosity to share this subtle perception - I feel quietude and thoughts brim - Open Studios 2023

Tessa P

Warburton, Australia


The Marshes (inspired by Lord Dunsanay’s The Kith of the Elf Folk) – I loved this picture so much I ordered the book of the story to dive into the image even deeper. Kate you have captured the wonder of the transformative power of myth so beautifully




Kate looks into the soul and leaves me wondering

Ivor W

FB Review


Wonderful work! Always so uplifting and meaningful. Amazing job - Open Studios 4/11/2023


Open Studios visitor, Australia


I can’t stop thinking about them (Great Ocean series)




I love Kate Baker's photographs because they are like a portal into another realm. Each one is drawing me in ... and I am tugged down some path of mystery or tale. It is a storyteller's world. It's magic.

Phoebe L



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